General Donation

China Call Short Term Missions Support

Your support enables us to reach the kids and strengthen the families and churches in China and Asia.
General Donations are very important to a ministry’s work. When you give a general donation, you empower us to apply the funds given to the area of ministry where it is needed the most. At times, one area of ministry may be better funded than others. General donations can be directed to the area where the need is greatest. A General Donation gift helps all areas of the ministry, especially when that gift is a recurring, monthly gift.
China Call’s IMPACT Monthly Donors provide a stable structure (like the walls and roof of a building) through which we can serve the Chinese churches, families, and kids. Our BOOST Donors, through occasional giving, help provide the extra boost we need for projects that have less support. 
We are so thankful for every gift and prayer our support team provides. Because all members of the team do their part, we do all God has called us to do. Your help today will make a difference in the lives of the Chinese family. Thank you.

Sponsor a School

Our China Call teams organize school assemblies that reach up to 40,000 kids in two weeks. The impact these outreaches have on the children is huge! It costs only $1000 to fund a school of 3000 students. That's just $33 to reach 100 kids!

Gifts are also available in increments of $500 for 1,515 kids, $250 for 758 kids, $66 for 200 kids and $33 for 100 kids.

China Call Short Term Missions Support

Bibles for the Chinese

Give a believer in China his or her own copy of the word of God this Holiday Season. China Call makes it possible for Chinese believers to receive Bibles in their own language to keep, and learn about Jesus.

By giving the gift of a Bible, you will help provide:

  • Younger children with a Bible version suited perfectly for them, including foundational stories and illustrations.
  • Young and old believers with their very own Bible to use in their walk with Christ.
  • Every $10 gift provides two believers with their own Bible!

China Call Ministries Missions Support Give Donate Camper

Sponsor a Camper

New Life Camps reach out to bless underprivileged Chinese children who have little to no opportunity to experience camp. Most live in very poor conditions, go to school in very poor conditions, and have little hope for a bright future.
Your gift of $88 provides:

  • A few days to step away from the challenges of their everyday lives
  • Fun activities such as crafts, sports, games and songs
  • A few wholesome meals and snacks they may not have at home
  • Love, joy, and hope, which empowers them to realize their potential in life and their ability to be a blessing to others
China Call Short Term Missions Support

Marriage Seminars

There are little to no resources available in China regarding marriage and family. As we serve the church in China, especially our marriage seminars, we have a huge need to give them materials they can take home and reference.

The marriage packet gift of $25 will provide:

  • Couples with a marriage book in the Chinese language by reputable authors.
  • Practical handouts to empower the marriages and families in China through Biblically-based principles.

An additional Marriage Packet of $80 is available that also sponsors seminar attendance.

China Call Short Term Missions Support

Backpack Camp Bundles

The children we serve at camp in China don't have many things to call their own. Our goal is to send them home with a backpack containing supplies they can use on their own or for future schooling.

Your $25 gift of a backpack bundle will provide for:

  • A child's backpack containing notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpener, scissors, a folder, glue and other resources for their learning.